Saturday, March 19, 2011


Hi there! I want this blog to be a place for me to document a bit about the new journey we've embarked on, as well as a place for me to share ideas and resources, and talk about things that I'm passionate about. I've learned so much from many out in blogland that, who knows, maybe I'll be a resource to others as well. So, if you're reading this, introduce yourself...I love comments!
A little about us...we're blessed to be the parents of a 5 year old son, and 3 year old & (almost) 1 year old daughters, and two angels up in heaven...we've built our little family through adoption & birth and hope to adopt again in the near future. So far the animal part of our family consists of a couple of standard schnauzers and 16 chickens, with future plans for more laying hens, a rooster or two, meat birds, milk goats & whatever else I can talk hubby into, lol. Living on acreage is nothing new for us, but we have lots to learn & do to become more self sufficient, which means there will likely be lots of tears & laughs along the way. I grew up on a couple acres where I spent as much time as possible on the back of a horse and hubby spent a good portion of his childhood working on the family farm/ranch. We enjoyed remodeling our first home in Northern California and loved having a big garden there before we made the big move south to 5 acres in the desert. We have a shared dream of becoming more self sufficient by growing/raising more of our own food and supporting other local homesteaders for our other needs as much as possible (I find it exciting that modern homesteading, living greener, etc. have gained so much momentum in recent years!). Other food related goals are to work towards a diet consisting primarily of whole foods. So we've moved on again to a big home on just under 2 1/2 acres in a smallish mountain community with a four season climate that is not without its own unique challenges, yet much friendlier for growing a variety of food than our previous desert home. Much of our time, energy, & money went to completing an unfinished remodel on the new house and the to-do list is still overwhelming, but we're loving life & feeling very much at home in our new community. Let the adventures begin! Its easy to feel hopeful of what's in store for us with views like this from my kitchen window...

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