Monday, May 9, 2011

A good problem to have...need your ideas & recipes!

So, our two milkers are producing nicely (well really Raindrop is the big producer, but still they are both producing). I tried making soft cheese the other day & happy to report it was a success...
First I added 2 gallons of milk to the stainless steel pot...

Then, when it reached 185 degrees, my son helped by adding 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar...

it immediately started to curd, so I let it do its thing for 10 minutes...

then strained it & eventually pressed out all the extra whey...

and finally added salt before forming it into a nice shape on a trivet & enjoyed!

So, now I'm looking for ideas on what herbs or other flavorings to add. And also looking for more recipes to use up all this goat milk. Our does are generously providing us with about 2 gallons/day & its starting to pile up. Those of you familiar with goat milk know that after about 3-4 days it gets a bit too goaty, so it goes to the animals or fruit trees. One thing I'm going to work on is finding a family or two to barter with, but until then, I've got to start trying out new recipes, so please share!


  1. This looks wonderful! We, too, are in the middle of goat milk production and I'm once again getting creative with all the milk. But no complaining here! :)
    Have you seen this page? It has a lot of good cheese ideas/recipes. (although not all are raw, they are still yummy looking!)
    Thanks for sharing with the Homestead Barn Hop today!

  2. I've made the goat cheese you did, cottage cheese which is here;

    butter, yogurt and cream cheese. I tried to make quark but it didn't turn out.

  3. Wow, I don't have any recipes to make cheese but I am so inspired to now do so. Best wishes, Jana

  4. My friend freezes her extra goat milk so that their family has milk through out the winter months when the goats are bred and stop producing milk. She give me some too which I freeze in 1 cup portions. I use it for Christmas to make goat milk fudge to give away!!

  5. That is awesome. :-) Makes me think that I may want to get in on the "herdshare" as we are not able to buy raw milk legally in the state of Ohio unless we become part of the herdshare.

    Thank you for this post! I am keeping it for reference.