Wednesday, February 29, 2012

4 New kids!

So, from the last post, you know our doe, Raindrop, kidded & had 4! Here is our favorite, the only doeling, already posing for the camera. These two pics were taken today.

Her coloring & markings are very pretty, & she seemed to be getting lighter & more "frosty" each day. She is a tiny little thing compared to her 3 brothers, but she is strong & eating well.
Speaking of eating, here she is nursing away...keep it up little girl so you can catch up to your brothers!
One of the bucks investigating the snow that fell in the big storm the day after they were born. I was a little worried about the weather, having kids this early in the year. We've had a really mild winter, but seems like as we get closer to spring, more real winter weather has arrived. We have an open style pole barn with 4 corrals on one side & then the rest is a large open space big enough for our RV & plenty of other storage. The center two corrals tend to stay the most protected from the elements so that is where the goats are when not on pasture. We had a lot of wind with this storm which blew a lot of snow into all the corrals, but the kids did fine since they were able to stay snuggled into the dog crate with heat lamp attached when. They seemed to figure out pretty quickly that it was best to just venture out with their mama when they were hungry, then return back to their warm den.
Here's mama goat with all 4 kids. Still shaking my head a bit that there were 4 kids inside of her! She's a good mama & is very careful around the kids.
Kids being kids...they are so fun to watch as they jump & leap & run around!
All 4 hanging out with their mama...


  1. They are seriously gorgeous. What colors! Congratulations again!

  2. Just in from the Hop and wanted to congratulate you on your grace under fire. Good Job! :)