Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hello, is anyone still out there?

You know what they say about chickens, right?...they are the gateway farm animal. Get a few & before you know it you get a little confidence & start thinking, I can handle this, but then its just not enough because you aren't content with just a few chickens. Wise homesteaders will warn you, in their books & their blogs, to take things slowly to prevent burnout. Some follow that sound advice, and others decide there's no time like the present to jump into raising big dairy goats, more chickens, and some turkeys (plus the typical dogs & cats)...and a garden, immediately following relocating to a new little "homestead" in a new town...and if that weren't enough, add homeschooling & starting the adoption process again to the plate too.
In case you're wondering which category I fall into, well the neglect of this blog should be a BIG clue. Despite all the work that's gone into taking on so much in our homesteading adventures, I can honestly say that I don't regret any of it because we've learned so much. I briefly considered just deleting this blog & starting a new one, but then perhaps having higher expectations for my ability to blog frequently at a new address was just setting myself up for failure. So, here I am...doubting anyone is actually out there reading, but writing nonetheless, and with the hope that I will at least find the time to update weekly. I certainly don't have a shortage of potential blog posts from the past 8 months, and we've got lots of exciting stuff ahead of us as hopefully I can carve out some time to share some of it. Wish me luck!

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  1. I'm glad you didn't delete and start over. I just found you today via the homestead barn hop, and I'm loving what I've read so far. :-) I struggle to find time for posts as well. Actually LIVING the homestead life leaves little time for such luxuries, but it's fun to document our journeys.